Monday, 11 May 2015

The Different Hats of a Freelance Writer and How to Wear Them Literally and Figuratively

Being a freelance writer is an interesting adventure. It is an adventure where you do not miss anything. You experience the lives of different people. You live the life of different people. And even do this simultaneously. You wear different hats. These are those of the professional, the entrepreneur or businessman and a worker.

As a freelance writer, you do not need to go through the dilemma of choosing between or among being a professional, an entrepreneur or businessman, or a worker or employee. You get the best of all worlds. And you can even avoid the worst of these worlds. It is up to you to pick and mix.

1. Professional

Do you want to have the prestige that doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and other professionals have? You have it with your freelance writing career. Freelance writing is a prestigious job. It is a prestigious profession.

Prestige is already there in the freelance writing profession. Nevertheless, you can choose to “show” to the world that you are wearing the prestigious professional hat of the freelance writer. If you want to, you can choose to wear professional outfits to your meetings and even the regular working day.

At the same time, whatever your outfit is, you are already a professional and you deal with other professionals in the professional way. You plan, research, write, transact, attend meetings and meet deadlines professionally.

2. Entrepreneur / Businessman

Do you want to have the financial progress that entrepreneurs and businessmen have? You also have this ability as a freelance writing. It is an enterprise. You can be enterprising.

Practice the dynamism and progressiveness that entrepreneurs and businessmen have. You can increase the volume of the products your manufacture or raise the value of your products to raise its price. You can add more value to the services you offer and be paid more for your performance of them. You can expand your business. You can expand your freelance writing enterprise.

As a freelance writer, you have the ability to increase your income just like businessman expands his or her operations. You can take on more projects. You can also work on projects which pay better by raising your level of skills or studying to develop new skills which are required in them.

If you love to write and, at the same time, want to be as dynamic as the entrepreneur and as financially aggressive as the businessman, you can put on this outfit and character. You are one. You are already one. You just need to channel it more. Be an entrepreneur and businessman by expanding your freelance writing. You can even go further to giving talks, lectures, trainings or seminars on freelance writing

3. Worker or Employee

Well, if there are things which you do not want in being an entrepreneur, businessman or a professional, you have the freedom and right to choose to wear the hat of a worker or employee. Maybe you do not want the limelight and hot seat of being regarded as a big shot professional. Maybe you do not want the aggressiveness of being an entrepreneur or the shrewdness associated to businessmen. Maybe you want to just simply work and consider yourself employed and the best opportunity for you is being a freelance writer. Do not worry, you can still be the worker that you want to be.

As a writer, you are a worker. You are a builder of words, a builder of ideas. Maybe, you are a believer of “Work makes man perfect.” Yes, professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen also do work. They have their own work. However, if you want that work of a worker, you can still do it as a freelance writer. You can wear this hat. If you want, you can have your own work cubicle in house.

4. Artist

Let us not forget that writers are artists. Writing is an art, remember. If you feel most convicted of this, you can do your freelance writing job as an artist. You can write your “masterpieces” at the attic or in the basement. You can wear that tattered jeans when you walk outside and people will say that you rock especially because they know that your freelance writing work rocks.

Whatever the desires of your heart are, you can get it with your freelance writing work. If you want to, you can do this career as a profession, entrepreneur or businessman, as a plain worker or an artist.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are known for being intelligent, professional and even artistic, and even financially stable. When we say freelance writers, the things that first come to mind are people who have a big and strong stock knowledge, think analytically, work ethically and appreciate artistic things and create and work artistically themselves.

Yes, there is question with being financially stable. But, as mentioned, we know many freelance writers are financially secured. Financial instability may be a characteristic for only a short period of time in the freelance writing job. Specifically, the starting steps. It is just in the beginning part of becoming a freelance writer.

So how did these people become freelance writers? How do such persons become freelance writers? How you can become one?


Know the qualifications and work towards those which you lack. You may not qualify in some of the criteria but you can get them. Turn them into “requirements you can secure.” This means you will work towards achieving them.

Here are some qualifications or requirements which you may need to work on and can actually work on:

1. educational background
2. writer portfolio
3. experience (in writing and on the field)
4. others – internet, professional network, work resources

Educational Background

Being a job that is professional, intellectual and technical, the freelance writing job requires education as an important criterion. There are some writing jobs which require specific level of degree from freelance writers because they need such background to be able to perform the work required of them. For example, at least a 2:1 honours degree is needed in academic writing work in Prospect Solution.

Many aspiring writers may not have problems with having the educational qualifications to get the writing jobs they are aiming for because, as mentioned, writers are usually naturally intelligent and usually possess the academic qualifications. But if you do not have the educational background required, you can still earn it. You can do so while working in a different job or while starting your freelance writing career.

And of course, relevant educational background to the writing job's sector, profession, field, market or niche is required. The other side of this means that whatever field your degree is in, you can find a freelance writing job in which you can qualify. For instance, if you are an accountancy graduate, you can get work writing business documents like business plans and others. So, crossing over from numbers to words or auditing to editing is not a problem.

Writer Portfolio

This is a requirement that really needs to be worked on when you want to become a freelance writer. It is essential for writers. Though, one exception is when the writer job or position does not require one. But still, most hirings ask you to submit one. This is not a problem if you already have previous writings in work and personal consumption. You just need assemble them.

If you have no previous writings you can assemble, you can start now. Write on your own and write for other people. More importantly, write for companies and professionals, even without pay. You need to build your portfolio. Further, you need to build a portfolio that is professional and more on with pay and professional (even without pay) because it is stronger and what employers and agencies give more value.


Experience in writing and or on the field is another requirement which you need. If you do not have sufficient past work or any at all, you can still gain it. Building your portfolio is part of that. At the same time, one important part of building your portfolio is getting actual writing work.

Aside from the writing experience, you may also need some experience in the field work itself. For example, some projects from employers or agencies require writers to have specified amount of experience working on non-writing or non-writing related jobs in the field in which the writing project is in.

You can do your writing job better if you have the experience of doing the work actually done in the field. That is why hands-on work experience in the field is required. There are also other related work experience which may be required or preferred. Examples include interviewing, researching and the like.

Qualify and Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are known to be intelligent, professional and artistic. At the same time, they have developed being financially secure. Becoming a freelance writer appears to be difficult. It is. But it is achievable especially if you have the qualifications to start with. If you do not have enough of these, you can still build it. And you can start now. And tomorrow, you will start feeling the difference and reaping the fruits.