Friday, 11 December 2009

Freelance Writing is an Advantage

Busy work schedules, traffic jams, early wake up calls, stressful job routines and many other daily activities are just getting into our nerves. It is always common for us to experience one of these stressors just to get our job done every day and many of us manage to live with it!

If you feel tired from all the stressful things just to make a living then why not spend something productive within your comforts? Indeed, freelance writing jobs are one of the more promising ways to earn profitable income. There are a number of ways you can experience the benefits of freelance writing. As for me, I usually travel on weekends from London to Richmond, North Yorkshire, just to experience the serene, bountiful scenes of the countryside. I usually spend my time there doing my writing jobs as a freelance writer. This worthwhile experience has given me more freedom to live the life I love and at the same time earn money for freelance writing or taking writing jobs.

Haven’t you considered having to work on your own terms in the comforts of your home? Well, freelance writing is all about that. You can take writing jobs from as many as you can manage to handle, without bothering or affecting those things that are precious to you. This year happens to be my 8th year of experience as a freelance writer, and this highly lucrative career of freelance writing has offered me a tremendous amount of freedom and mobility.

Just recently, I only work for at most 6 hours in my company since the income from my freelance writing jobs supplements all my needs and even my wants! I can do freelance writing without sacrificing the time spent with my family. As a father of two kids, I have more time for my 3 year old son and with my 1 year old daughter. I spend quality time to care for my wife which I have never done before without my freelance writing job.

Isn’t it great to experience the kind of life you want to live? No hassles, no worries about paying so many bills and stressful jobs. Indeed, freelance writing just put me above the people living busy lives – earning big while having more quality time with my family.

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