Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Sensitivity in Writing

Being a freelance writer is all about everything. Everything is under the scope of freelance writing. This is how dynamic your job as a freelance writer is. Moreover, career opportunities abound in freelance writing that helps you get involved with lucrative marketing and advertising campaigns since these cater directly to the intended customers.

Mainly, in writing for marketing and advertising, you should know that you must not strictly follow the conventional rules of writing. You must write to please, to stir interest for a certain marketed idea, concept, product or service to a target audience. In this particular situation, your freelance writing skill must focus more on writing for marketing and not writing in the conventional way. Thus, in this highly competitive arena you must think of appealing ways to entice your readers.

Here are the common ideas to spur your readers’ interest:
• Mine the culture of the consumers
When you are given writing jobs about vogues and about the latest trends in modern culture, then you must know how to get your consumers. Try to determine how interested consumers are of these things. Also, as a freelance writer, do not forget the element of surprise. In freelance writing, the element of surprise involves the seemingly inconspicuous preparation of your first few paragraphs for a shocking revelation at the concluding part.
• Spill everything you know
It is not nice in writing that you ruin the readers’ interest by emptying the revelation part immediately. You can only do this when it is very necessary. In freelance writing, when you are writing for a blog site or making an online article, then spill everything you know about it. You only have once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to write about it. On the other hand, you must always be mindful to keep decency, respect and ethics in applying this concept.
• Give us what you save for
There are freelance writers who make scrap books or save memories. That is nice to know. You can use these memories to strengthen your ideas in your write-ups or put more emotional substance to it.

In conclusion, sensitivity is always relative; it varies from one person to another. But there are universal principles that a freelance writer must follow to attract readers and potential customers.


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