Tuesday, 22 December 2009

What Will You Do When You are Out of Ideas?

Freelance writing is a very challenging job. Can you imagine having to make a certain composition over and over again on the same topic? Writing jobs that involve almost the same topic is difficult to write because you may run out of ideas. You may not know how you will phrase your next sentences for the other writing jobs.

If you are having a writer’s block, then go and get some stimuli. Freelance writing should not be a job that confines you. Remember that you still have your freedom. So, why not go and do something that can spark some stimuli and encourage you to finish your writing jobs.

Here are some tips to motivate yourself to finish your writing jobs or gain ideas on what you write:

• Be reflective
Contemplation is the best source of unique and innate ideas. If you are lost in your writing jobs, then why not spend some moments to reflect to find fresh ideas. Remember, you do not need to explore far and wide when the answers can be found within yourself. This is how amazing freelance writing is.

• Curate some ideas
If you cannot find any good topics for your writing jobs, then better read other ideas and modify it. This is not cheating. This practice is common to freelance writers. A lot of freelance writers can write ideas because they revise or modify other ideas. A good number of freelance writers, for the sake of a much improved networking and referencing, would also link their blogs to other related posts.

• Write your favourites
If you are messed up with all your writing jobs, it is good to look for something interesting to write. Take a break from all the writing jobs and do your own favourite things. If you have a favourite topic in your writing jobs, then it is better that you write it first than the other jobs.

Above all, do not push yourself too much. If you cannot accomplish your writing jobs with good quality, then stop doing it. Do not write just for the sake of writing. Remember to make room for your hobbies and similar worthwhile diversions so that you can stay creative in your freelance writing career.

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