Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Writing on the Blog: Part 1

If there is such a thing as a writer’s block for writing articles, there is also such a term for a blogger’s block for posting blogs. In a similar fashion, there are a lot of constraints in achieving the goals in freelance writing. Sometimes, we are just too consumed by our writing jobs and just submit articles that are mediocre. We just pass just for the sake of submitting those writing jobs – and nothing else matters after that.

The bane of many freelance writers is how to consistently produce new ideas for blog write-ups. Sometimes we cannot think of any more ideas to put into writing since we are all too contained in it. If you are having a difficult time, better take a little break from your writing jobs. Go and be merry. You can go and stroll in the park just to get some stimulus to get you going again.

Somehow, on the other way around, freelance writing is fun when you know how to play the game. Here are some tips on freelance writing for the blog:

• Take ultimate control
Take ultimate control in taking writing jobs for your blog. If you have a lot of writing jobs to consider, then prioritise the ones that are of interest to you. Freelance writing is easier if you write on certain subjects that you are passionate about. On the other hand, if you are still a beginner in freelance writing and you have a meagre number of writing jobs, then do the best thing that you can do. How? Reign supreme in your article. Just do your way in writing and do not consider a lot of irrelevant things.

• Give variety
If a picture paints a thousand words then why can you not paint a picture in your words? In freelance writing, you must always consider the client’s interest. If your clients are satisfied with the quality of your write-ups, then you will have better writing jobs with better pay.

• Acknowledge your mistake
Always expect that from time to time, you will commit mistakes in writing. No freelance writer is perfect. If you were given writing jobs and you blew it up then admit that you have made something wrong in the process. This is how you can develop your freelance writing experience.

Whatever challenge you have in freelance writing, everything is just a matter of attitude. You can succeed when you persevere. Just do your writing jobs well and make progress one step at a time.

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