Monday, 4 January 2010

3 Basic Things to Share in Freelance Writing

Freelance writing offers you many things and opportunities that are worth exploring. In order for you to move through the ropes in freelance writing, you must also give in some of the things you have to be of help others. When you help other people, you will realise that you also have a lot to learn as a freelance writer. Fortunately for you, the culture in the freelance writing industry is receptive enough to allow you to grow by also helping other freelance writers better their craft.

First, share your expertise. As a freelance writer, you are aware and confident of your own expertise. If you want to grow, share it with others. If you can propagate this culture of sharing, then other freelance writers can also help you grow in other fields. Whatever you do, it goes back to you as a writer. Never forget your writing jobs and share your remarkable experiences with other writers. Just remember that the most fulfilling achievement you can have as a writer originates from how other freelance writers and readers take you.

Second, show some passion and love. As a freelance writer, the best work that you can do is to share your passion and your love for writing. Why not open to other freelance writers on how they can also be motivated in their writing jobs? Passion and love for writing are broad terms. In this scenario, you can offer other freelance writers your practical tips on how to be constantly motivated as a writer.

Lastly, give your best. As a freelance writer when you want to impart ideas then share it freely and without hesitation. Ideas are freely given. There are many potentially beneficial ideas when you take writing jobs, so why not share these ideas to others? However, you must only choose those freelance writers whom you can trust. The best thing about giving your best is that it can help improve your good image as a freelance writer.

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Chris said...

That's a great angle on freelance writing, sharing. I tend to think of writing from my own perspective to do something I enjoy rather than what it can do for others. Thanks for the reminder!

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