Saturday, 9 January 2010

Common Problems in Plural Matters

It is very elementary to talk about the pluralisation of nouns. We have been experienced in the field of freelance writing for many years now. However, we often neglect the essential things in writing. Freelance writers may not take caution in pluralising nouns. For some, it is too simple to talk about.

On the contrary, there are common mistakes and other matters that freelance writers make in pluralising nouns. These common mistakes are:
Nouns ending in y
Freelance writers are often mistaken in pluralising words such as: daisys, lilys and copys. Unfortunately, this kind of mistake is a mortal sin in freelance writing. Think of who ever will still ask for your service if you continually commit this mistake.
Nouns ending in o
Mistakes like tomato’s, ghetto’s are also unacceptable. Moreover, confusion may arise with words like mementos and embargoes. While both have o’s at the end but their plural is different. On the other hand, as a general rule -e is never inserted when another vowel comes before –o. For example, the plural for ratio should not be ratioes. Nonetheless, I do not know why some freelance writers continue to fall into this mistake. Errors like these adversely affect your reputation as a freelance writer.
Putting an e before adding an s to some nouns
Some freelance writers may think English is an inconsistent language. For example, the plural of the word branch is branches but the plural of stomach is stomachs. In order to know the proper plural of special noun cases then consult a dictionary.
Freelance writers must know that compound words composed of a noun and an adjective, or two nouns connected by a preposition form their plurals by a change in the main word.
Example: points of view and not point of views, sons-in-law and not son-in-laws, poets laureate and not poet laureates
Foreign nouns
Some foreign nouns have irregular uncommon plural form like phenomenon to phenomena or criterion to criteria. Again the best remedy is to consult the dictionary for further guidance of usage.

All in all, freelance writing is less enjoyable if you think all of the grammar rules thus, review and modify your work often after you are done. What you must do is just to become familiar with these things to enhance your quality of writing, grammatically speaking.


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