Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Freelance Writing Brain Benefits

Freelance writing might be a tedious and monotonous job. However, if you look more closely at your freelance writing jobs, you can see a lot of opportunities and brain benefits to be gained. Oftentimes, most people take for granted the best use of their brain power because they seldom exercise their cognitive and critical thinking potentials that could have enhanced their overall brain performance.

Here are some brain benefits in freelance writing:

• Diverse writing jobs call for more research
Your writing jobs vary from subject to subject. There are many writing jobs that need intensive research, critical thinking and creative presentation. All of these tasks involve the brain to produce creative results for the various writing jobs. Thus it is a good brain exercise for you to allow the higher level of thinking functions.

• You learn to organise your ideas
Freelance writers by nature have a lot of ideas to share. However, not all freelance writers can organise their ideas efficiently. For you to stay competitive as a freelance writer, you must constantly practice to give accurate thoughts. You can learn to organise in a more effective way if you take months or even years of experience in freelance writing.

• You always learn something new

The reason why the brain loses its natural ability to grasp information is because it is not honed to do so. In order not to diminish your brain power, you must learn something new every day. In freelance writing, learning something new is not a problem. You always learn something new in your writing jobs because of its diversity.

• You hone both sides of the brain
Creativity is using both sides of the brain. The left side functions more on the logical and reasoning processes while the right side functions more on the imaginative processes. If you make use of both sides, creativity occurs. In freelance writing, writing jobs need to be creatively written. You need to use your imagination in order to produce ideas and you have to put logic in your ideas in order to be persuasive and credible.

Freelance writing really gives you a lot of benefits. Try to change the way you see things and the things you see will change accordingly.

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