Sunday, 24 January 2010

Freelance Writing Portfolio

Troubling as it is, the jobs of freelance writers are fluctuating from time to time. There are times when you have a lot of writing jobs and there are also times when you have lesser writing jobs. There are many factors affecting the fluctuation of writing jobs. More often than not, there are lesser writing jobs available during summers and holidays. Somehow, reputable freelance writers never lose writing jobs even on holidays or summers. Reputable freelance writers are in the primary list of writers who will receive writing jobs whenever writing jobs become scarce.

The best guide for freelance writers is to keep track of their writing portfolio. This can enable them to maintain a competitive edge and master writing for a certain field or discipline. As a freelance writer, you must have an inventory of the writing jobs you have submitted and the encompassing topics in it. Keeping track of your performance is the best way to know how far you can do freelance writing based on how many writing jobs you can accomplish in a day or in a week.

You can even begin a monthly evaluation of your performance. See how well you fared through all the writing jobs you have accepted. However you must be constructively critical whenever there are back jobs or negative evaluation coming from your clients. This is the time to improve your writing skills based on your own assessment and evaluation. In freelance writing, your best teacher is yourself. You can have other freelance writers as mentors but you are more aware of your writing abilities better than other freelance writers; thus, your personal critiques are pivotal for self-improvement.

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