Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Readers’ Perspective

Different writing jobs call for different writing styles and expressions. Subjectively, a dependable style of writing is the most indispensable factor that you must possess in order to market your ideas fluently. Writing style affects your career as a freelance writer. More often than not, clients judge freelance writers based on the various writing styles they use. The use of writing styles in writing is the key to article readability and understandability.

Writing style has a major component to consider and that is readers’ perspective. In considering writing jobs, you must know who your readers are in order to adjust your writing style. For instance, you cannot write complicated terms when considering the general public as readers.

Grouping readers by definite categories is the first step in adjusting your writing style. Different writing jobs have different intended readers. Thus, you must know how to situate or empathise yourself to your expected readers. If you do not know your expected readers, then better ask your client about it. Knowing what kind of readers you will have to address is advantageous on both sides since you can deliver better quality of write ups and your client can trust you in giving more writing jobs. Furthermore, as a freelance writer, it is normal that you will be asking for the kind of content that you will write.

Of equal concern is to know how to vary the contents of your works because of the expected readers. Other than this, you may not accept writing jobs with expected readers who are professionals in that certain field especially if you are inexperienced in that field. Thus as a freelance writer make it a practice to consider your readers before accepting any writing jobs.

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