Saturday, 23 January 2010

What is Your Writing Style?

Style is identity. In freelance writing, the writing style marks the identity of the freelance writer. Freelance writers have different writing styles that clearly portray their niches, knowledge and presentation skills in writing. So in a crowd of freelance writers, what does it take to make your writing style stand out?

There are many ways of answering the question. However all answers still lead back to the writing style of the freelance writer no matter what writing job is being handled.

The goal of a freelance writer is effective communication. Effective communication is achieved by creating good writing styles. Writing style includes your choice of words to the totality of expressions in your compositions. However there are many writing jobs that do not require your writing style. These are writing jobs that must coincide with the writing style of the client and not yours. Hence you must know the client first before writing for them.

Freelance writers must know the branding of the company or organisation they write for. Companies and organisations have their own culture and brand to promote. Thus they have their own ways of reaching their demographic markets. As a freelance writer, you must know the identity that your client is establishing. Keep in mind that you are writing for their market. If you cannot align yourself with their style then the writing jobs that you do for them will soon be over. The gist here is consistency. Consistency is important for companies in order to create their identity to the market and is something that should be fairly contained in your write ups.

Style is fast changing. The writing industry is greatly changing over these past few years. You can easily point out the different of writing style changes if you read current articles and compare it with articles written ten years ago. Freelance writers must observe these changes in order to survive the competition in freelance writing.

In conclusion, your writing style and the clients’ standards are the primary determining factors in your write ups. Your writing style must stay current while still maintaining your standards with that of the client you write for. This is where consistency in freelance writing takes off. Both writing style and clients’ standards must be consistent in order produce marketable write ups.

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