Sunday, 24 January 2010

Word Construction Tips in Freelance Writing

Successful freelance writers have many writing jobs. Some freelance writers specialise in producing academic articles, this being their niche market. There are many writing techniques that freelance writers may use for every writing job they accept. However, most freelance writers tend to commit common mistakes of writing. As a freelance writer, this is the time for you to be aware of the common mistakes of freelance writers in terms of the usage of certain words.

Here are some word constructions that freelance writers must review before applying them into their write-ups:

• Jargons
Jargons are complicated words that readers do not readily understand. In order to save time, some freelance writers use jargons into their write-ups to sound intellectual. The excessive use of jargons will make your compositions high sounding, if not boring. If you have the tendency to use too many jargons in your writing jobs, moderate its use the next time on or else you will lose your clients.

• Catchphrases
Many freelance writers are fond of using catchphrases. Catchphrases are often used in advertising and marketing. However, you must limit the use of catchphrases in your writing jobs. Catchphrases easily go out of fad. If you use catchphrases in your articles then your articles can easily become dated too.

• Metaphors and similes
Metaphors and similes are very advantageous for your write ups since these add poetic colour to your piece. However, you must be well skilled in using similes and metaphors in your write-ups inasmuch as these can make your thoughts appear incongruous and incompatible.

In conclusion, these are the common word constructions that freelance writers use. As a matter of good writing sense, these word constructions should be used in a manner that complements nicely with the essay topic in order to impress clients, and hopefully, will result into more writing jobs for you.

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