Monday, 29 March 2010

Prospect Solution Gives Its Best Services to Freelance Writers

Being a freelance writer gives me a lot of freedom. One of the freedoms that I enjoy about freelance writing is that I can choose a company that I want to write with. If I do not like the company, then I will just go for another one. I always choose companies that give me the maximum benefits in my career. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find freelance writing companies that give me what I want. I thought that I could never found one. However, just in the early December of last year, I came across

I never encountered or any of its affiliates. I said to myself again, perhaps this is worth a try. Can Prospect Solution be the company that responds to what I need and want? In my mind, this company is worth a try but I am not banking on it that I will last for a long time.

My first writing project was quite easy. They give me relevant projects in my field of interest and profession and that is – business. I never thought that they will really respond to my rate demands. I thought that this company is just like other freelance writing company. Fortunately, they remain true to what they said. They give me what I need and I give them what they need. I can even interact with my clients to assure that the company is not a fraud after all.

Now, I have been working in for almost two months. I never experienced any delays of pay compared to other companies that I worked with. This company responds to my needs in the most efficient time possible. They give the best to their writers and maintain good relationships with them. Just like what happened to me know. Prospect Solution won my heart and in return, my loyalty is with them.


jedd said...

I've been a teacher all my life until I decided to embark on a new journey, with the end goal being making a living as a freelance writer. I knew it would not be easy,and it would take a long time to get secured until I found Prospect Solution. A company that responds to what I need and want. This is the type of company that writers like to be associated with. With this company, I have learned to let go of my agnosticism and disquietude that block me from what I really wanted to do with my life.

Herculiz said...

What is the average pay per month at Prospect Solutions?

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