Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Freelance Academic Writing in Modern Education

Freelance academic writing has diversified. One area in which it has started and still is in demand is content writing for topics in and related to learning, teaching and assessment. Specifically, the writers in this area write and develop content for teaching innovation projects for internet, online or electronic learning courses. The writers are provided input by the learning institution they write for. An important use of the content they write and develop is for training artificial intelligence chatter robots for online learning interactions.

To be a competitive applicant for the freelance academic writing position for learning institutions, you must be a native English speakers with excellent understanding of English grammar. If you will be successfully accepted, you will be into writing literature reviews and will be into active search, selection and referencing sources which are the most appropriate evidence.

In this freelance academic writing work, you should have the ability to write medium to short answers to set questions. You should also expect to develop multiple choice questions which are based on that content and drafting case studies which are related. You should also be prepared to prepare literature reviews of current research.

There are various academic writing work in the freelance industry which are open to graduates, higher level graduates and undergraduates, as the case may be. There are even posts in which candidates are as unique as a PhD student or post doctoral who is considering a summer job. Writing tasks which are performed in this specific job area can range from a thorough literature review of topics like learning, teaching and assessment. As mentioned, writers in this field can be asked to produce short and medium length answers to core questions which will be uploaded into the chatter robot.

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