Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Newbie’s Guide to Writing Academic Essays

Academic writing is, probably, one of the hottest freelance jobs. It sure gives off that back-to-school vibe; but it’s not the time to go slogging. The work towards becoming the ultimate academic writer starts now!
#1 Review of do’s and don’ts
Conduct a review of your basic academic writing. But don’t just look at your own notes; instead, incorporate university-wide handbooks on academic writing. Pay careful attention to sections that were revised (e.g., referencing styles).
#2 Coursework types
Writing academic essays guarantees your encounter with different types of courseworks. Make it a point to familiarise with each kind; keeping a bunch of essay examples could help you with this. The more familiar you are with these types, the less difficult it would be to handle each essay rubric you see.
#3 Plotting deadlines
Each writing project demands completion under a given period of time. You don’t just work on getting used to these deadlines; you must learn to monitor your essays’ progress. You can do this with the trusty old calendar – or with some of the newest apps.
#4 Revamping that workspace
Of course, while using your PC or laptop for the whole academic writing is a given, you could also rev up the game by prepping up your intended workspace. Arrange a desk and a chair, put some encouraging words on frame, and a bunch of greens or fresh flowers can cheer that spot.
No need to keep your academic essay writing job dull!
#5 Investing in software
The use of some software packages can lessen the burden of filtering essays from spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Extra software programs may come in handy for detecting plagiarised content, as well.
#6 Psyche to be responsive
Finally, you can’t afford to make things difficult with your client. Psyche yourself towards becoming much more responsive to their needs. Certain clients and correspondences will test your patience; brace yourself for this.
Relearn how to write academic writing essays. Make way for a fun and exciting freelance experience with academic essay writing. Try to enjoy doing it, and you hardly have to work!

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