Friday, 14 March 2014

3 Good Reasons for Being a Freelance Academic Writer

Why choose to be a freelance academic writer (UK clientele)? --This is what people often ask. There are precisely three reasons why I chose to devote my time into becoming a reputable freelance writer. All three are brought about for your reflection and career consideration.  

I. I wanted to be the boss.

Like any writer, I had been steadily working at a company. It’s stable and cool to be around talented folks. But, I craved having a say about my writing assignments.

And with how things were going, I knew I wouldn’t get that from the office. Of course, being a freelance academic writer for UK clientele still meant working for someone. But this choice meant I’m also working for myself, especially my growth.

II. I am a student at heart.

Every single time I reveal my job title, people would automatically ask, “Why academic?” Some would jokingly add, aren’t I done with being a student? Well, the truth is, I still see myself as one.

I still am a student; this time my teacher is life. But veering away from the metaphor, my kind of writing also accommodates the academic tone, as well as, the strict research rigour. In fact, I consider myself lucky to have found the academic niche I so belong to.

 III. I needed a better standard.

As a writer, we all share the hunger for development and the diversification of our style. I knew I can’t settle for backpedal writing projects; I wanted challenge – and that I got from UK clients.

 There are a host of other reasons for picking up the freelance option. My co-freelancers wanted to stay in the house to look closely on their cute cubs. Others wanted a fresh start; while the general folks wanted extra cash.

Being a freelance academic writer for the wider UK clientele, I had made adjustments, too. It was not exactly easy, but my bullheadedness won me over. Perhaps, this is the case for those who wanted to get more from today’s labour-scape. It had a lot to offer; and I’m just willing to accept

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